The Garden of Life

A modern sacred garden for the anthropocene era

Stuart Wrede

Decomposition, 1970
Exit, 1972
Et in Arcadia Ego, 1976
Below Zero, 1996
The Tree of Life, 2009
August Malmström's 
Älvalek, 1866
  1. Built in metal, the work runs on a compressor which causes the form to ice up with the natural humidity of the surrounding air. The other ice-covered works in the garden are similarly constructed.
  2. After having first designed Ur Monument for a summer exhibition in 2007 in the caves of Retretti in eastern Finland, I was told there exists a famous naturally-forming ice lingam in a cave in the mountains of northern India.
  3. Originally, a slightly smaller version was built for an exhibition in Ekenäs, Finland, in 2009. The sculpture known as Hope now stands there permanently